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Emeals Review: Shake and Bake Chicken December 8, 2012

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Shake and Bake Chicken

This emeals dish was what I would call “unremarkable”.  You wonder what I mean by that ?

It simply tasted like chicken breast with flour breading. Not bad, but not good either.  The family and our 13 year old dinner guest all thought it was “okay”.

My only alteration to the recipe was to add about a half teaspoon of paprika to the flour.  And let’s talk about flour…..  Why not shredded parm some other “breading”?   This is a low carb plan after all !

Side dish was blue cheese salad.  Can’t really go wrong there.

Overall rating….I say thumbs down because the chicken was unremarkable, AND I don’t like that a low carb recipe called for flour.


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