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Emeals Review: Zesty Salmon, Rice and Peas December 8, 2012

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Zesty Salmon with Rice and Peas

One word, “YUM” !  This was fast, easy, and scrumptious — The Family loved it as well.  I typically don’t add “sauces” to salmon, since I don’t want to mask the flavor of the fish itself – but this turned out great.  Recipe called for Chili Sauce (which in my opinion tasted just like ketchup), green onions, orange marmalade (substituted no sugar apricot preserves), and soy sauce.

So, Chili sauce.  My interpretation would have sent me down the international food aisle, and I would have purchased some of that sweet/spicy Asian style sauce.  My husband did the shopping, and he went down the condiments aisle, and purchased “Heinz Chili Sauce” which kinda tasted exactly like ketchup.  Probably could have just used ketchup had we known.

Peas and Rice.  YUP.  Not at all low carb….this has been a recurring theme on this low carb emeals plan. Yes, the rice was brown which is a little healthier, but it was instant.   I think that in general I am seeing about 2 meals each week that probably should not be on the low carb plan.  Don’t get me wrong, the rice and peas tasted awesome.

So, I am willing to overlook the hi-carb side dish because the salmon tasted so darned good.  Thumbs up for this one.


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