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Back to Basics: Part 4 June 5, 2013

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Weight Tracking


Results after nine days of “Back to Basics”.  Lost 4.2 lb over a 9 day period.

I am pleased, although it’s not been easy !  These are a few of the changes I have made recently on top of eating better:

  • No cheating with the carbs !  You all know what I mean by this one….no little treats, no bites of the potatoes/rice I make for the family, no sampling one little sushi from my daughter’s plate (the list goes on and on).
  • WATER.  60-80 oz. per day
  • VEGGIES.  ‘Nuf said….
  • EXERCISE.  Twice a day whenever possible.  Weights and some form of cardio (generally roller blading or elliptical)

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