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Back to Basics: Part 7, Recouping the Vacation Damage July 13, 2013

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Back to Basics Weight Chart.

Boat camping for 4 days and house boating for 7 took its toll on my (and the hubs) way of eating… We made a decision that it would be too difficult to bring the large amount of veggies and meats camping/house boating due to the refrigeration challenges.  For the duration of the vacation breakfast was a bagel or oatmeal packets (read TONS of sugar).  Lunch was sandwiches.  Dinners were things like sloppy joes, haystacks, tacos, vegetarian hot dogs, etc., and of course all the snacks such as chips, s’mores, frappucinos.  Lots of high calorie, high carb food.

My weight gain was a shocking 3.5 pounds, and my husbands was eight !  After one week of trying to get back into the swing of healthy eating I am back to my pre-vacation weight.  The hubs has lost 6 pounds this week.  WOW.

So, getting my weight loss mojo back this week has been tough.  I need to improve the following:

  1. No sweets.  YEP.  Two birthdays back to back (CAKE), and eating out twice.
  2. Weigh in every day.
  3. WATER
  4. Exercise.  Haven’t done ANY this week, but in my defense I injured myself waterskiing and needed an MRI on my arm.  BUT, that is no excuse for not walking, doing elliptical etc….it just interrupts my weight training.  By the way I have an appt. with the Doc on Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed I don’t have any torn tendons/ligaments.

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