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Perfect Poached Eggs August 24, 2014

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Perfect Poached Eggs


1 Red

Poached Eggs.  How hard can it be ?

Well, if you are fussy about the perfect consistency of the yolk, it can be hard !  For me, I like it to be like a nice thick gravy – and since it’s been a while since I made poached eggs, it took me a couple of tries to get the time right.  By the way, that yolk was not Photoshopped!  We have chickens (I call them “my girls”), and I had been feeding them a little more corn than usual, which contributes to a fabulous orange colored yolk.


Perfect Poached Eggs and Turkey Bacon
2 slices turkey bacon
1 egg
1/2 tsp. vinegar
Kosher salt and cracked black pepper

Bring 1 cup of water up to boiling.  Turn down the heat a touch so the water is just barely bubbling.  Add vinegar.  Crack an egg into a small bowl or cup.  Gently slide it into the water.  Cook for exactly 4 minutes!  Sometimes I find after about 3 minutes that the top of the egg needs a little more cook time so I gently roll it over with a large spoon.

While the egg is cooking, toss the turkey bacon into a non-stick pan and brown both sides.

When the egg is done take it out of the water with a slotted spoon to a folded paper towel, roll it over to “dry” both sides.


Back to Basics: Part 7, Recouping the Vacation Damage July 13, 2013

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Back to Basics Weight Chart.

Boat camping for 4 days and house boating for 7 took its toll on my (and the hubs) way of eating… We made a decision that it would be too difficult to bring the large amount of veggies and meats camping/house boating due to the refrigeration challenges.  For the duration of the vacation breakfast was a bagel or oatmeal packets (read TONS of sugar).  Lunch was sandwiches.  Dinners were things like sloppy joes, haystacks, tacos, vegetarian hot dogs, etc., and of course all the snacks such as chips, s’mores, frappucinos.  Lots of high calorie, high carb food.

My weight gain was a shocking 3.5 pounds, and my husbands was eight !  After one week of trying to get back into the swing of healthy eating I am back to my pre-vacation weight.  The hubs has lost 6 pounds this week.  WOW.

So, getting my weight loss mojo back this week has been tough.  I need to improve the following:

  1. No sweets.  YEP.  Two birthdays back to back (CAKE), and eating out twice.
  2. Weigh in every day.
  3. WATER
  4. Exercise.  Haven’t done ANY this week, but in my defense I injured myself waterskiing and needed an MRI on my arm.  BUT, that is no excuse for not walking, doing elliptical etc….it just interrupts my weight training.  By the way I have an appt. with the Doc on Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed I don’t have any torn tendons/ligaments.

Back to Basics: Part 6 June 23, 2013

Weight Loss.

One month is up, and going “Back to Basics” is paying off.  I’m down 8 pounds.  Historically I am a “slow looser” (read 0.5 pound/week), so this is MONUMENTAL.   Here are my observations:

Food Tracking.  Yes, I know it’s tedious, but WOW, well worth the time.  I am small framed, 5’2″, and have been trying to stick to about 1200 calories a day of low carb food.  That’s mostly meats, eggs and veggies, occasional fruits, occasional sweet potatoes – no bread, no rice, no pasta.  On the meats, I do tend towards smaller portions of the higher fat ones, i.e. chicken sausage at breakfast, and beef bacon in my afternoon salad.

Water.  When I don’t drink it, a weight gain shows up within a couple of days (1-2 lbs !).  Conclusions ?  One must drink water to avoid water retention !  Funny how that works.

Exercise.  Optimal for me seems to be one hour – I shoot for 4 or 5 days a week.  Thirty minutes of weightlifting (heavy by the way),  plus thirty minutes of cardio (Typically fencing, elliptical, roller blading).  On fencing nights I actually get in 1.5 hours, and per mapmyrun.com, they say that’s 706 calories.  I believe them – It’s an explosive/intense workout.  Thankfully, for the weightlifting, I have enough space in my basement/home office to have a large bench, elliptical, and a “body works” machine (which is basically the budget version of a total gym).  The machine is excellent for assisted pullups, and assisted situps, seated row, pulldowns, strengthening my weak knee, etc.  See pic below !

Caffeine.  If I drink too much (I am a coffee fiend), combined with not enough water, I actually gain weight.  This is contrary to what happens to most folks (I think) – but I suspect most folks do not consume as much coffee as I do.

Upcoming Challenges.  We are leaving for an extended camping/houseboating vacation soon, with a boat full of vegetarians.  My observations of my veggie friend’s eating habits are that there is typically a TON of high carb food involved.  Combined with the lack of refrigeration,  I am assuming I will be off my eating plan for 10 or 11 days.  The secondary challenge is that our friends all have teens coming on the trip, and they are notorious snack food people.  This means lots of granola bars, cereal for breakfast, chips, crackers, etc.  When living in a confined area around all that junk food (that I never buy), it will be difficult for me to avoid eating it.  Wish me luck peeps !

Home Gym Exercise Room

Home Office / Exercise Room


Back to Basics: Part 5 June 5, 2013

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Low Carb Vegetarian Spaghetti.


  • One egg + one egg white
  • spinach
  • sweet red pepper
  • salsa
  • strawberries


  • Half a cup of salted/roasted sunflower seeds
  • Two slices deli turkey meat


Spinach Mushroom Pepper Omelet


Back to Basics: Part 4

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Weight Tracking


Results after nine days of “Back to Basics”.  Lost 4.2 lb over a 9 day period.

I am pleased, although it’s not been easy !  These are a few of the changes I have made recently on top of eating better:

  • No cheating with the carbs !  You all know what I mean by this one….no little treats, no bites of the potatoes/rice I make for the family, no sampling one little sushi from my daughter’s plate (the list goes on and on).
  • WATER.  60-80 oz. per day
  • VEGGIES.  ‘Nuf said….
  • EXERCISE.  Twice a day whenever possible.  Weights and some form of cardio (generally roller blading or elliptical)

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