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It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye !! August 3, 2014

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Fencing Meme.

FUN STUFF at 2014 Summer Nationals with my good friend Isobel…THX for being such a good sport !


Game On – 2014 Junior Olympics April 10, 2014

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Fencing Junior Olympics, Portland OR.

The kiddo qualified for foil and epee Junior Olympics, and what a tremendous coincidence that they were held locally here in Portland, Oregon this year.   This is one of my favorite pics from the weekend.  She had broken her arm snowboarding a few weeks earlier, and we were SO happy her doctor cleared her to participate.



Back to Basics: Part 6 June 23, 2013

Weight Loss.

One month is up, and going “Back to Basics” is paying off.  I’m down 8 pounds.  Historically I am a “slow looser” (read 0.5 pound/week), so this is MONUMENTAL.   Here are my observations:

Food Tracking.  Yes, I know it’s tedious, but WOW, well worth the time.  I am small framed, 5’2″, and have been trying to stick to about 1200 calories a day of low carb food.  That’s mostly meats, eggs and veggies, occasional fruits, occasional sweet potatoes – no bread, no rice, no pasta.  On the meats, I do tend towards smaller portions of the higher fat ones, i.e. chicken sausage at breakfast, and beef bacon in my afternoon salad.

Water.  When I don’t drink it, a weight gain shows up within a couple of days (1-2 lbs !).  Conclusions ?  One must drink water to avoid water retention !  Funny how that works.

Exercise.  Optimal for me seems to be one hour – I shoot for 4 or 5 days a week.  Thirty minutes of weightlifting (heavy by the way),  plus thirty minutes of cardio (Typically fencing, elliptical, roller blading).  On fencing nights I actually get in 1.5 hours, and per mapmyrun.com, they say that’s 706 calories.  I believe them – It’s an explosive/intense workout.  Thankfully, for the weightlifting, I have enough space in my basement/home office to have a large bench, elliptical, and a “body works” machine (which is basically the budget version of a total gym).  The machine is excellent for assisted pullups, and assisted situps, seated row, pulldowns, strengthening my weak knee, etc.  See pic below !

Caffeine.  If I drink too much (I am a coffee fiend), combined with not enough water, I actually gain weight.  This is contrary to what happens to most folks (I think) – but I suspect most folks do not consume as much coffee as I do.

Upcoming Challenges.  We are leaving for an extended camping/houseboating vacation soon, with a boat full of vegetarians.  My observations of my veggie friend’s eating habits are that there is typically a TON of high carb food involved.  Combined with the lack of refrigeration,  I am assuming I will be off my eating plan for 10 or 11 days.  The secondary challenge is that our friends all have teens coming on the trip, and they are notorious snack food people.  This means lots of granola bars, cereal for breakfast, chips, crackers, etc.  When living in a confined area around all that junk food (that I never buy), it will be difficult for me to avoid eating it.  Wish me luck peeps !

Home Gym Exercise Room

Home Office / Exercise Room


The Jabberwock is back ! May 15, 2013

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Are you wondering what the Jabberwock has been up to lately ?

1. Went to my first fencing competition in about 25 years !


2. Currently attending a college class that is work related.  Unfortunately this class has absorbed the free time that I usually use to update my blog.

3. Went on a business trip to Charlotte

Even with all this going on, I have some GREAT new recipes.  A few are PERFECT for summer.


Jabberwock and Fencing…(En Garde)…Part 1. December 30, 2012

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Junior Olympics, Orlando, Florida

Haacke Und Slaasche high school teammate Tim G. @ Junior Olympics, Orlando, Florida, 1986/87-ish.


Twenty five years ago the Jabberwock was heavily involved in fencing…yes…Errol Flynn, Princess Bride, and so forth.  Except the Jabberwock did it collegiately  and went to several NCAA’s, Junior Olympics, and all that jazz.

Here’s a fun video of good times from my high school fencing era:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONZMDbPUig8

However in college, the Jabberwock (who was paying her own way, and lived on her own) discovered that fencing is a demanding sport, and there were some choices to be made:

  1. Eat
  2. Pay rent, electricity (expensive in SoCal), pay gas, pay water (also expensive in Cali), and keep the car working (very important in SoCal at that time since public transportation was a joke).
  3. Pay the school bill (EGADS – no help from Mommy and Daddy on any of this stuff)
  4. Study (and subsequently get GOOD grades)
  5. Fence
  6. Get a degree in a tough major, so the Jabberwock would never need to worry about finances again

So, after fencing for a couple of years collegiately the Jabberwock had to give it up.  She went cold turkey.  End result was a degree in a highly technical field, and a great paying job right out of college.  But deep in her heart was regret over giving up fencing, which always gave her great pleasure……(to be continued….).


Fun Stuff October 20, 2012

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Fun Stuff on Tuesday Nights


The Jabberwock has decided to take up fencing again after a 25 year hiatus….


The mask (although severely beat up) is still useable and the glove in pretty good condition.  I don’t seem to have any practice (non-electric) blades, so will need to use whatever the club has — hopefully NOT a French grip!  Alas, the jacket is too small since I have put on 25 pounds in the last 25 years, so will have to use a stinky one at the club.


I fenced “hard core” for a year in high school, and two years in college, and quite honestly those were the best memories of my youth.  Good times, very good people, and good exercise.  And of course I loved competing in tournaments, and have a desire to get back into that if my bum knee cooperates.


Wish me luck….I am in really bad shape right now !


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